How often should I get my chimney swept?

Regular chimney sweeping is important for whatever fuel you may use: coal, wood, oil or gas. 

It is recommended that in normal use, chimneys should be swept as follows:

  • Chimneys with solid fuel appliances - smokeless fuels - should be swept at least once year - domestic, bituminous coal - should be swept at least twice a year
  • Chimneys with wood burning appliances - should be swept quarterly when in use.
  • Chimneys with gas or oil appliances - should be swept once a year.


Will you have the right equipment with you to sweep my chimney?

We carry a wide range of brushes & rods as standard.


What is the best time of year to get my chimney swept?

We would recommend sweeping your chimney in the Spring time, once the burning season has ended. That way your chimney will sit clean over the summer & be ready for use when the cold weather hits.

If you are having building or redecoration work carried out, give some consideration to the timing of your chimney sweep. Ideally it is best to sweep your chimney before other work commences.


Will you call me when my chimney needs sweeping again?

If you wish we can contact you each year to arrange an appointment at your convenience, just ask to be put on our reminder service.


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